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  • Bound by Red Clay

  • Piedmont Stubble

  • How to Write Haiku/Cinquain

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Bound by Red Clay

"Neca Stoller's poetry is vibrant and vivacious, and captures in its essence the spirit and elegance of Japanese poetry in an English medium. Over the years Ygdrasil has had the great pleasure to publish many outstanding writers and poets, and Neca Stoller ranks among the finest." Klaus Gerken, Founder Ygdrasil, Journal of Poetic Arts.

Kate Tufts Discovery Award
2th Annual Benjamin Franklin Award
Pushcart Poetry
ISBN 0-9646450-8-4

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Piedmont Stubble

"A book of poems to read by the bright light of one's soul.  Neca Stoller fulfills the role of nature poet with refreshing metaphors that shimmer with originality, verve, buoyancy and miraculous uncommon flair for language. A contemporary southern poet who consistently astounds with her many gifts, illuminating the secret inner-landscape of the human self." Ernest Slyman Forum fo Cretive Excellence in the Arts, Guggenheim Foundation/artnet.

Georgia Author of the Year Award
Pushcart Poetry 
ISBN 1-931090-14-9
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How to Write Haiku/Cinquain
            Beginner's Guide

"Neca has a broad understanding of the haiku form. At its best, her own writing manages to achieve the ultimate goal of a haiku: to clearly capture a moment such that the reader is both drawn in and then sent beyond, following a wealth of associations and meanings." A. C. Missias, Editor of Acorn, Journal of Contemporary Haiku.

Awards: 1997 Haiku Society of America Renku (with Laura Young)
 1998 Kumamoto International Kusamakura Haiku(3rd)
 1998 International Kusamakura Haiku Competition(2nd)
 1999 Itoen Tenth International Contest(2nd)          

ISBN 0-615-11677-9
Available at Amazon or StreetSaintPublications


 Copyright 1996, Edited Jan 2006